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Friday, September 25, 2009

Steamboat Springs 50 - aid station

I volunteered at the Steamboat 50 instead of running it. It was lots of fun and i have a few new friends in Steamboat, now.

I got to see Tim Hoppin and Meghan Burch finish their first 50M race! Tim totally killed it too. Can you believe this? He kills his first 50M? Someone forgot to give him the memo that says you have to build up to elite status.

Oh yea! I almost forgot! That curly-haired guy next to Mrs. Burch trashed the old course record. This years course is harder and slower, so the new record certainly overshadows any older record. Great job, Ryan!
7hr, 26min
That's crazy, I'm tellin' ya!

I still got to eat all the pizza and drink all the beer I wanted. I had four pieces and two beers. Great pizza!!!

I got some good mountain biking in too.

My plantar isn't hurting as bad. Too early to tell if it's starting to heal, or more probably simply been a long time since I've aggravated it. Whatever, I walked two miles on Tuesday, and again on Thursday.

Now I'm off to Aspen with friends, followed by some solo climbing in the area.


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