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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Something has been wrong with my training. Gas hit $4/gallon, so I cut out some driving. I didn't do the Thursday trail run, also because it took so much time, during the work-week. But I kept my mileage up and I ran harder, so I figured I'd retain my base.
After running through the Flatirons Saturday, I ran 10.6M hard Sunday. By Monday, I was wrecked. My quads hurt like after the Jemez Mtn 50. I hurt worse than after the Boulder 100. How could that be? Obviously my fast, flat miles aren't good enough, even if I do throw in some weekend hills and mountains.
I've been really pushing myself to log the miles. This warm weather isn't going to last. Winter is overdue. So I've been throwing so much at myself my body is now begging for winter.
Please, winter, before I self-destruct!
But wait until after the Rim Rock Run, okay? It's a bitch waiting in the frigid cold before that race.

Yesterday evening was the perfect Fall evening. The wind was blowing. Not straight winds, and not too hard, but enough to stir up the piles of leaves all over the place. The sound of wind and leaves rustling around is such a nice sound. And the temps are so warm for this time of year. It was nice walking in my 'hood. So close to Halloween, it reminded me of To Kill A Mockingbird. I could picture Scout running in the night in her costume. What a great book. I might have to dig it out and read it again.


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