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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Work, work, work

This week was a total loss for training.
Monday, I had to rest from the Steamboat marathon. My left fot is hurting.
I ran the usual Tuesday run at Wash Park, but added another lap before everyone showed up.
Wednesday, I worked from 8am to 8:40pm, then ate a late dinner and went to bed.
Thursday was a nice run on North Table Mtn.
Friday, I worked until 6:30pm, then went home to eat and do chores - squeezing in a paltry 3 miles.

Monday, I leave for Orlando, Florida. What are the chances of getting any training there? I wouldn't know. I'm not the least familiar with Orlando. I left Kansas because I hate...
- flat
- humid
- heat
- cities
So I moved to Colorado. Orlando, including Disney or whatever, is not my bag of tea. But it's only for 6 days, so I hope to survive. If I have to put up with cigarette smoke, though, I might return green in the gills.

So I haven't had any running to report this week.

Hoping for good reports from Meghan and Bob at Kettle Moraine today. I think they'll both nail it.


At 4:52 PM, Blogger olga said...

My training partner is just back from Orlando...and hated every moment of what you mentioned. He did, however, manage to put in some good miles (as in good in numbers, horrible in exsecution). Good luck!


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