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Saturday, June 14, 2008


Orlando was very good to me. I can't judge the rest of Florida by one part of one town. All I can say is I had a blast! It was fantastic. The weather somehow cooled off, and on Friday the humidity even dropped - or seemed to.
Microsoft took good care of us. We were fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all you can eat and drink. Also, each evening was all the beer and wine you could drink, for about an hour.
Orlando knows how to combat the heat and humidity. I swear every building had nuclear-powered air-conditioning. I learned the first day, wear a tank-top or sleeveless shirt for the walk to-and-from, then pull a t-shirt over that so I don't get cold indoors.
Every day, thunderstorms rolled in and drenched everything.

All I had to do was cross the street to get to a trail. There was a moat next to that with tons of critters whistling, hooting, grunting, chirping, and calling. They were new sounds. I couldn't tell what critter was making what sound. It was always dark by the time I got out there, so I could never anything.
We were sent to Universal Studios for a party Thursday night. Again, all you can eat and drink. We only had access to the corner with the kiddie rides, though. There were so many people at TechEd that it wasn't until this party that I finally met a co-worker.
They had us scheduled for breakfast at 7am and done between 8pm-midnight. Only got 5-6 hours of sleep each night and kept nodding off during sessions as if narcoleptic.
The tap water is gross, but they had coolers all over the place stocked with pop, juice, and water, plus pots of coffee.
I thought smoking would ne a problem, but there were surprisingly few smokers. Obesity also wasn't bad, but the part of Orlando I was in was mostly travelers.
Friday evening, I went to the Gila bar and told "Debra" that I usually drink beer but wanted a big margarita. I told her to surprise me. So she invented this really strong margarita that was nearly all booze. All over Colorado, they measure the booze and then pour in non-alcoholic mixers. At this bar, they just tilt liquor bottles! Yah! Woohoo! Gimme anudder! Yah! Beer me! I didn't like the Modelo so at no cost Debra gave me a Dos Aquis Amber. Awe!
So much for healthy living. This week had me eating more junk, getting less exercise, and less sleep than usual.
My plane started taking off then slammed on the brakes. Now we're sitting on the sidelines waiting for maintenance to either give us the go of no-go. I hate flying.

Estes Park marathon tomorrow morning.


At 6:24 PM, Anonymous Audrey said...

it sounds like you had a fun little break (albeit sleep-deprived) from normal life :)


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