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Thursday, May 01, 2008

My DTR Anniversay

It was three years ago that I did my first group run - the Apex Trail with the Denver Trail Runners. There have been a few people that went to one run and the impressions they had were that DTR was elitist, or not very warm, or not welcoming. All I can think is they didn't love running. The thing that unites DTR members is our love of trail running. There are some who love the outdoors, and want to socialize, and they sort of like running, but not really, but they think they should cuz they think they need to lose weight... Some of them might run with us once, or for a month. Others are trolling for mates. I have nothing against ulterior motives, but if you lack a serious love of running trails, then you tend to be less satsfied by DTR.
My first run, I remember thinking and saying how great it is to find a whole group of people whole love to run trails! I didn't expect anyone to coddle me or pay me extra attention. I was extatic to be running trails and to have found people like me to do it with!

A month or so later, because they ran at Wash Park near home, I joined the Rocky Mtn Road Runners. DTR actually is an offshoot of RMRR, so many people are members of each club.

I've never been a "joiner". I'm a lone wolf. But too much time with just your own thoughts is generally a very unhealthy situation. I didn't want to hang out with normal people, though, because I can't relate to them. When I'm surrounded by people I can't relate to, I'm unable to socialize; there's no common interests to converse about.
I'm not into running on pavement or in cities, but my situation doesn't afford me much choice. If I'm going to run pavement with anyone, there's no better people than the RMRR. When surrounded by these people at their races or BBQ's, a part of my brain keeps asking, "How is it possible for there to be this many outragously nice people - and all in one place? Boggles the mind. And after three years, I still haven't gotten used to it. These are the most extraordinary-ordinary people, and my dumb luck has allowed me to find them and mingle with them.

Saturday is the Collegiate Peaks 50M. Hopefully my legs are ready.


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