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Friday, April 18, 2008

Ready or Not...

Interesting week, with my legs so wasted.
I'm not bouncing back but improvement is happening.
I took Wednesday off.
Thursday night is trail running night with the Denver Trail Runners. The muscles on my legs, especially my left leg, were sore and hurt every time they jiggled. It's not the kind of soreness you get from working out too much. It's an odd sort of pain. My left foot didn't hurt particularly, so that's better. Some of the muscle pain may be because my legs have felt like wood, and massaging them takes a great deal of strength. I may have caused some bruising, but I have to kneed out the stiffness.

Tomorrow is the Greenland 50K. I can only hope my legs are there for me. I'll show up and have a good time, even if I have to quit or convert to the 8-mile or 25K. I can volunteer after that.
Or maybe a miracle will have me owning a new 50K PR?

I'll do my best.
They sold-out. 500 runners. I don't think they've ever filled their limit before.
The trail will be crowded, so a PR pace will be challenging the first lap. As soon as the 8-milers are gone, things will settle down.


At 7:14 PM, Blogger Meghan said...

Well, it's Saturday night, so whatever happened out there has already happened. I sure hope it was a good day for you! Looking forward to the report, JeffO.

And about the muscle jiggle pain thing, that usually happens to me when I have a bruise. Hopefully that's the explanation.



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