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Saturday, June 23, 2007

New G&T PR

This morning, I just set a new personal record climbing Grays & Torreys in about 3:55:20.
My old record, set two years ago, was 4:10. So I did good.
They're easy 14ers to climb, but they're a bitch to run!!!
I'm not sure I was actually any faster. I had a lighter pack, jacket, and knew I could break 4 hours, so I took less water. This is usually a one-gallon climb. This time I brought about 3/4. On the lower miles, I refrained from blowing my engines. I'm getting better at pacing my efforts. All this combined into a faster time, but was any of it from being stronger? I'll never know. I broke my record, and that's all I care about.

I love my new Salomon Raid Revo 20 pack. Wow, there can't be better.

Yesterday, I splurged on an ultralite weather-resistent jacket that wads up into almost nothing. I think it's the Salomon Fast Wing Hoodie. $40 at REI. I'm thinking of buying one of these for each of my Leadville crew.

Really liking Salomon. GoLite and LaSportiva, too. They totally rock when running on the rocks.

Sitting in Leadville at Cloud City Coffee. Heading for Winfield to spend the night. I was going to climb Elbert this evening, but I slept late and didn't start my climb of G&T until 10:06am. It's close to 5pm, now. If there's any time at Winfield, I'll go for a hike.
Paul G. is training there and I'm hoping to hook up tonight.

What a fun weekend!


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