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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

EPM Results

I predicted I'd be a cripple today. Far from it! I'm recovered! There was only some minor tightness that was easily stretched, massaged, and walked away.

So that means I didn't try hard enough. Which means, I guess, that I can push as hard as I want and not have to worry about over-doing. This close to Leadville, that's a good thing.

The official Estes Park Marathon Results are in. The unofficial results were nicer to me. I was told I was 26th, but I was actually 27th. Still in the top 23%. 9th in 40-49y.o. division.
Get this -
Of the top 30 finishers, 10 were males in my age division. The winner was in my division. That's how freakin' competitive my age group is!
I think what it would be like if I was in a less-competitive group. Maybe I wouldn't care as much. Part of my personality is the underdog. I never get division winnings. It would be awesome, but maybe if I won very easy I'd lose interest?

Here's my salt-encrusted cap the next day. Even though I kept dumping water into my cap during the race, it wasn't enough to keep my sweat from crusting.

I don't care as much about race cheaters as some people do. I race against myself and the clock. Not that I don't care at all, though. I just won't totally blow my cork over it. It's just a foot race - not like the fate of the world depends on it.
Now and then I pass a woman who's butt does not look worthy of being in front of me at mile 20, but she is! And she's not cheating. Looks can be deceiving, especially with women's bodies.
However, I've noticed in the past few races, that I've passed at least one guy who looked like a slow tubbie with lousy running form. I blow by them as expected. Okay, but how were they EVER in front of me? And to pass such a creature 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through the race? Looks aren't THAT deceiving! I strongly feel that these guys were cheating. No skin off my back, I guess. Even if they cheated, I finished way ahead of them. It is pathetic, though. Why would someone cheat? I don't get it? They don't accomplish anything. Maybe it's like a kleptomaniac? Maybe it's the thrill of possibly getting caught?


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