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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Massage Day

Most of my serious running events are done. I survived so far without serious injury.

My schedule calls for me to run 47 miles on Saturday from the LT100 start to Fish Hatchery and back. Then the next day starts at Twin Lakes and runs over Hope Pass to Winfield and back.

Since my right foot and left knee feel stressed, and I miss mountain climbing, I think I'll fast-pack up 14ers.
Maybe I'll start by trying to PR on Grays & Torreys (15 miles from I-70), then head to Leadville.
Maybe I'll start by fast-packing up North Massive, Massive, South Massive, and Elbert.
Either way, I probably will still do Sunday's run over Hope Pass to Winfield and back.

Whatever I decide, I'll camp out under the stars (or clouds), and I'll have tons of fun. I always dreamed of living and playing in the mountains, and now the Rockies are practically my backyard.
Now If I could get rid of that pesky "practically".

I got another massage today. I guess my calves felt like they were about to explode. Lucy let out a "Whoa!" when she touched them. I had warned her they "felt a little tight" in spite of me stretching and massaging.


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