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Friday, April 17, 2009

There's Something Awesome...

...about running in the snow, while great big giant blobs of snowflakes are falling.
Last night, it was freezing rain. The Denver Trail Runners doesn't run on muddy trails, as a group. Normally 30 or more people show up. Imagine the destruction. So we ran up Lookout Mountain Road, on pavement all the way. But only about 10 showed up.
I wore too many layers, and I wasn't very motivated. I overheated often, and kept walking. Finally, up high, as the rain was turning to snow, I ripped off two of my five layers. AWE!!! Then I started running much better.
My run down was very fast. A car full of college kids drove by as thunder and lightening struck higher on the mountain. They honked their horn and yelled out the windows as dope smoke drifted out.
Only English John and I went out to eat afterwards.

Tonight, I ran around Wash Park. Pete Link was there. What a coincidence, since we had exchanged emails this afternoon about running the 7-mile Red Rocks/Hogback route tomorrow morning. We're both hoping the snow is really deep and the going tough!
This is really good training for the Zane Gray 50. The slush and density of the snow causes us to really use all those little lateral-stability muscles.
I've been running every day. Next week, I run only Tuesday at Wash Park. Monday off. I have to start packing.
I'm driving out - two days of leisurely, safe driving. I'm supposed to meet up with Angie, Olga, Larry, and Erin, and maybe Erin's boyfriend.
I hope to get a hike in of the big meteor crater, if they'll let me in.
This could end up being a really great long weekend!


At 6:19 AM, Anonymous Audrey said...

Hey! Have a great weekend w/ your friends. Glad you've you're feeling good running-wise! Enjoy the time off.

At 8:17 AM, Blogger Trailrat said...

You guys have a great time! I almost went on Thursday but changed my mind and went solo. You should come out for our Wed group sometime, of course we start kind of early at 5. Have a great time out at Matthew Winters, I live about 5 miles away and we got about a foot of snow so it should be interesting. Hopefully it will not be to muddy.



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