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Saturday, February 11, 2012


So this is my abandoned blog. Since I moved to my new blog, I decided this one would be stop being, necessarily, about running.
I heard that Whitney Houston died at 48yo. Somehow, this resonated with me. I was never a true fan of hers. Her whole career, I heard how poorly she treated those around her. But, man, she had so much talent! My god!!!
There are others who are pretty much the same. Brittany Spears comes to mind. Again - not a fan - but the few times I see her videos I'm blown away at the talent.
I've known lots of people who have thrown-it-all-away. I did a stint of missionary work many years ago, living on the streets with drug addicts and alcoholics. Really is phenomenal how many people wallow in self-pity and eventually commit suicide.
When I was a junior in High School, I accidentally overdosed twice. Since then, I've always said, "Drugs and alcohol are a coward's way of committing suicide. You're just begging for an accident, and you hope you don't feel it."
Oh well. Too bad. Her life belonged to her. She did with it as she chose. I'm not glad about her choices.


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