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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Auto show 2011

I just went to the auto show in Denver. Shocked that automakers are still cranking out low-MPG cars. I'm not talking about sports cars or SUVs, either. Basic sedans getting 16mpg. They really didn't seem to get the memo - gas has been expensive, and it isn't going to get cheaper. My very old Honda CRX got 49/54, but I once pegged 60-61mpg fully loaded with backpacking gear and two people going generally uphill from Wichita, KS to Colorado. No hybrid, just regular carburetor.
It was odd that most makes of vehicle, the smaller sedans got the same or only 1mpg better than the big honkin' SUVs. Just what exactly are they doing to destroy sedan economy?

I've been dismayed at my Subaru Forester XT's mileage of only 22mpg, but after looking at all the ratings for new cars, I'm glad to have my XT. It is WAY faster than most of the vehicles at the auto-show, and better economy.


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